Autumn Conference 2023

Motion #01

Standing Orders Committee (SOC) Report on the Agenda process

Motion passed

SOC received the following reports ahead of the First AGM deadline on 4th August 2023, in the case of ADRC via e-mail only rather than on the AGM Forum:

  • Leadership Team (including the Leader of the Wales Party)
  • Party Executive (GPEx) including the Treasurer’s Report
  • Party Regional Council (GPRC)
  • Dispute Resolution Committee (ADRC)
  • Development Committee (PDC)
  • Orders Committee (SOC)
  • Committee (DC)
  • Committee (CC)
  • and Diversity Committee (E&D)
  • Committee (IC)
  • Green World Editorial Board (GWB)
  • Committee (ConfCom)
  • Association of Green Councillors (AGC)

Of those reports already received, 2 had been edited and modified by the Final AGM deadline of 18th August 2023 (from DC and IC) while the following additional reports were also received in advance of the Final Deadline:

  • the GPEx Election Coordinator Report
  • a number of Groups of Members in Common, including LBGTQIA+ Greens, Green Left, Green Seniors, Green Party Women, the Green Party Trade Union Group, Greens for Animal Protection, Jewish Greens

Noting that GPTU Group was not covered by SOCAGM B1.2(l), and that GPTU’s report had therefore been included in error, SOC ultimately decided to remove this report.

SOC received a number of reports following the passage of the Final AGM Deadline, including:

  • External Communications Coordinator Report
  • The Local Party Support Coordinator Report; and
  • The Greens of Colour Half-Year Report.

Following discussion by email it was decided that these reports should be included in the interests of completeness, and given that members were still adjusting to a new process.

A single amendment was proposed to one of the reports (E&D).

No reports, elements of reports and amendments were ruled Out of Order by SOC before publication on 25th August 2023.

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