Autumn Conference 2023

Motion #07

Ban Greyhound Racing

Motion referred back to conference


Revised AR428 commits to end animal racing, with an immediate ban on greyhound racing.Intractable problems with this industry include “wastage” (about 12,000 dogs vanish annually); injuries; neglect; useless “policing”; and routine race-fixing by doping. The RSPCA, Dog’s Trust, Blue Cross, and most of the public support a ban.


AR428 reads: The Green Party will end the exploitation of animals in horse racing, greyhound racing and all situations where animals are commercially raced. There would be an immediate ban on the use of the whip in horse racing and in jumps racing, and on the use of a non-linear track in greyhound racing. A single regulatory authority would be put in place for each sport, tasked with establishing and enforcing strict welfare standards. There would be a requirement for full traceability of all animals involved in racing throughout their lives (using microchip technology where applicable) and full publication of injury and death statistics. These statistics would be used as evidence to close dangerous tracks and ban trainers with poor records. Breeding and import of animals for racing will be tightly regulated and monitored to improve welfare and prevent over-breeding. There would be regulation on the conditions and times of transportation of animals used in sport as well as the housing of all animals. A high level of compulsory levy would be imposed on all betting, to be used solely for welfare improvements. 

Re-write so that it reads:

The Green Party will end the exploitation of all animals in commercial racing.  In the first instance, a Green Government will end greyhound racing as soon as practicable, at least within three years. This will stop the unnecessary deaths and suffering of dogs in the greyhound racing industry, and contribute to the body of measures aimed at reducing the harm from problem gambling. We will stop advertising and broadcasting animal racing on all media platforms within 12 months (e.g. racing ‘tips’ on Radio 4). A high compulsory levy would be imposed on all betting, to be used solely for welfare and re-homing, and industry wind-down.  Finishing any animal racing industry will be carried out with support for those persons deemed dependent on the industry.

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