Autumn Conference 2023

Motion #10

Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee (ADRC)

Motion passed

Since Spring Conference 2023 the workload of ADRC has increased in terms of referrals (from DCRG and self referrals) but not many have proceeded to full mediation.

Membership of Committee’s

Immediately after Spring Conference we were able to co-opt two younger members to the committee, Anja Jungmayr and Edward Green. Soon afterwards Clare Bonetree left the committee. We are grateful to Clare for her contribution to the committee for over a year. We are hoping to be able to co-opt to the committee a member with experience of a liberation group and of the complaints’ process.

Current members:

  • Paul Beswick (co-opted in late 2021, eligible to stand for election for a two year term at Conference)
  • Steve Hancox (eligible to stand for election for a two year term at Conference, having served three years)
  • Marisa Johnson (not eligible to stand for election as about to complete six years’ service.)
  • Jan King (eligible to stand for election for a two year term at Conference, having served three years)
  • Anja Jungmayr (eligible to stand for election for a two-year term at Conference, having been co-opted May 2023)
  • Edward Green (eligible to stand for election for a two year term at Conference, having been co-opted May 2023)

One vacancy to be filled by co-option prior to Conference to be confirmed via election, or directly through election.

Standing Orders

We continue to share among members of the committee the tasks of coordination. Communications are routed through

We are seeking to change our Standing Orders at Conference to reflect more closely our practice in relation to co-ordination, and of not having a Treasurer (as we have no budget).

Referrals in the period

Since Spring Conference we have dealt with 14 new cases, 6 referrals from Disputes & Complaints Referral Group (DCRG), and 8 self-referrals.

Complaints Summary:

  • Numbers received in period: 14
  • Brought forward from previous period: 2
  • Mediations: 2
  • Open cases at the time of report: 6

Once again, in the majority of cases we could not secure both parties’ agreement to go ahead with mediation, although often the conversations we held with each party were judged by them to be beneficial.

We have noticed a trend of self-referrals from groups of people (groups for or against a particular policy, local parties experiencing internal conflict, tensions among groups of councillors, particularly between those newly elected and those who may have served for longer spells). We are always happy to try and offer facilitated conversations, but where there are many individuals involved there are issues of power dynamics and practicalities such as availability that can make it quite difficult to make arrangements.

Regional Network & Training

We continue to hold a list of volunteers prepared to act as mediators, but participation in training/discussion events that we have offered has waned. After the last Spring Conference we held an on-line event for Regional Co-ordinators and organisers, which was very well attended and well-received. We hope to have the capacity to develop this work.

Other Work

ADRC contributes to the work of the Code of Conduct working group, and the group looking at improving the culture of the Green Party and the overhaul of the complaints’ system. There are good working relationships with Green Party Regional Council (GPRC), Dispute and Complaints Referral Group (DCRG), the Complaints’ Manager’s office and Discipline Committee (DC). We also contributed to the work of the Bullying and Harassment sub-committee of the Green Party Executive (GPEX).

We have offered to help develop the work on the Toolkit that was approved at Spring Conference and await to be included, if helpful, in further work.

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