Autumn Conference 2023

Motion #08

Policy Development Committee

Motion passed

Committee membership

Since October 2022, Policy Development Committee (PDC) co-opted 5 additional members onto the committee to improve the skills, experience and diversity of the committee. Over 20 members applied to join and Tony Cooke, Rupert George, Adrian Spurrell, Amerjit Kaur-Dhaliwal and Ian Wellard agreed to join the group. Subsequently Amerjit and Ian resigned, and a new period of co-option will begin in Autumn 2023.

The elected members of PDC 2022/23 - Edward Gildea, Martin Blake, Debra Cooper, Skye Pepier and Barry Edwards – are pleased that Spring 2023 conference passed the motion to extend the membership of PDC from 1 to 2 years. The new committee will now be able to focus on some of the long term strategic policy issues eg policy gaps, reports to the AGM etc

Anyone who is interested in PDC is welcome to find out more by emailing us at or observing our committee meetings on Zoom. We currently meet on the 2nd Thursday of each month, and the link and agenda are put on Green Spaces. Any members are welcome to come and observe.

Policy Fest

PDC have hosted two, free Policy Fest events for members (January and July 2023) to aid policy development, widen participation and provide training and information for party members. There have been over 50 different sessions at Policy Fest this year, all prepared by party members and volunteers. The Green Party zoom accounts and Conference Team have been invaluable in facilitating the event. We hope to continue Policy Fest as a free, online event twice a year.

Policy Working Groups

Policy Development Committee delegates the development of the Policies for a Sustainable Society to a number of different Policy Working Groups, each with a chapter to monitor. The conveners of these PWGs can be viewed here and all Green Party members can join a PWG.

PDC have received a number of annual reports (ie Energy PWG and …) and plan to collate them for viewing. BY 18th AUGUST DEADLINE WE CAN ADD INFO/ LINKS HERE.

We are always looking for new members to join the PWGs – they are a great way to meet members across the country, and to contribute knowledge and expertise to write critical policies. Members are welcome to contact the PWG conveners to find out more.

Reviewing policy chapters

PDC are entrusted with reviewing the chapters of the Policies for a Sustainable Society. Conference can pass enabling motions what an entire chapter is going to be reviewed and changed. PDC can also update any words or terminology. We have been reviewing these chapters and collating changes to be made in the future. We have also been reviewing the Records of Policy Statements – which have to be reviewed two years after they have been passed at conference. PDC will adhere to the constitutions and report to the membership in future months regarding any changes that are made.


Throughout 2023, PDC have been working with the Digital Team who have upgraded the policy website. All our policies agreed at conference are on the website. Once the manifesto for the next General Election is signed off by GPRC that will also appear on the website.

Manifesto planning

The Policy Development Coordinator sits on a number of Green Party Committees – including GPEX, PolCom and the House of Lords liaison group. But throughout 2023 it is the planning for the next manifesto which has taken up a lot of focus. In summer 2023 a new staff member has been employed to co-ordinate and write this manifesto, and PDC are working closely with them. Policy Working Groups will also be consulted on this project.

I have been the Policy Development Cooordinator since 2020 and it has been a huge learning curve but a massive privilege to do this role. I wish the new PDC all the best in taking on the challenges up ahead!

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