Autumn Conference 2023

Motion #17

Allowing all Special Interest Groups to propose motions

Motion not debated


Under current rules, groups recognised by Equality & Diversity (E&D) committee are not able to propose motions to Conference formally. This motion would change that.


Amend the Standing Orders for the Conduct of Conference (SOCC), Section B2.2 to read:

B2.2 Motions and Draft Voting Papers may be proposed and co-proposed for the First Agenda by:

a) any constituted Local or Regional Party (see also B2.5); or

b) GPRC or Green Party Executive (see also B2.6); or

c) a constituted national Committee (see also B2.7); or

d) a Working Group of the Party approved by Conference under an Enabling Motion or recognised under the byelaws by the Policy Development Committee or Campaigns Committee or their successor body or bodies (see also B2.7); or

e) Any group recognised as a member of the Equality and Diversity Committee or their successor body or bodies (see also B2.7); or

f) at least twelve co-proposers, one of whom is to be the proposer for the purposes of B1.4 and B1.5. One of the co-proposers must be the member who posted the draft motion to the Pre-Agenda as in A1.3 above.

Amend B2.7 to read:

B2.7 Motions proposed under B2.2(c), B2.2(d) and B2.2(e) by a constituted Committee or Working Group must include co-proposal by the Convenor and three other Party members. Evidence of appropriate discussion and voting must be provided to SOC and PDC in the same way as for proposals from a Local or Regional Party.

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