Autumn Conference 2023

Motion #03

Code of Conduct Oversight Body Report

Motion passed


Members Jon Nott (Chair of GPEx), Martha James (Co-chair of GPRC), Andreas Christodulous (Chair of DC), Ron Meldrum (Representative from ADRC)

SOC Note: AC is no longer the Chair of DC, though was at time of writing

The code of conduct, details the remit of this body as:

“3. Oversight This document is to be kept under review by a group consisting of: the Co-Chairs of Green Party Regional Council, the Chair of Disciplinary Committee, the Coordinator of Disputes Resolution Committee, and the Chair of GPEx, or their deputies or substitutes. “

“4.2 Revision – The oversight body may propose revisions to this document on which it has reached consensus after consultation with relevant staff. If there is consensus, a change will take effect immediately. All revisions, as well as proposed revisions for which there is a majority in favour but not consensus, are to be ratified via inclusion in a report from the oversight body to the next Conference. Subject to a majority Conference vote in favour of the report, any revision shall take immediate and permanent effect.”

The code of conduct oversight body met sporadically throughout the year to work on a revised code of conduct, that we are hope to bring to the next conference, we have been consulting members, both on-line and at Spring 2023 conference.

On the 7th July 2023 the code of conduct oversight body, there was consensus to attach the updated 2023 anti bullying and harassment policy to the code of conduct. This means this section of the code of conduct:

“i. The Anti-Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination (&Whistleblowing) policy Clauses appended: full document Appendance date: 15/04/2015 Appended via: a decision of Conference Oversight body: GPEx Version number of document: version 1, dated 15/04/2015 “

Should be replaced with:

“i. Anti-Bullying and Harassment Policy & Procedure

Clauses appended: full document

Appended date: 7th July 2023

Appended via a decision of the code of conduct oversight body

Version number of document: dated April 2023”

Whilst we reached the decision by consensus, so the change took immediate effect, we also wanted to report the decision at conference.

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