Autumn Conference 2023

Motion #04

A New Deal for Carers

Motion not debated


Carers save the UK economy billions a year, it’s about time they got a fair deal. This motion would specify what changes we would make to unpaid carers lives in the UK.


“That the cost-of-living crisis is disproportionately affecting unpaid carers. Carers UK estimates that the number of unpaid carers has risen to 10.6 million, meaning 1 in 5 adults and 1 in 12 young people care for those around them. People of colour, disabled people, elderly people and LGBTIQA+ people who care are impacted worse financially and socially. Unpaid care is worth £193bn a year whilst austerity cuts to social care is massively affecting unpaid carer. To add insult to injury, Carers Allowance is means tested, is unavailable to under 16’s and those in full time education and is removed from the cared for persons welfare payments.

Carers, including young carers, deserve a better deal from government. Supporting carers of all ages is vital.

To do this the current carers allowance payment needs to be increased to a living wage for the hours of care provided and young carers should have the right to be compensated by government, supported in education and be provided with respite written into law.”


Conference therefore:

· Insert in the PfSS at the end of ‘SW905’ to say “…and supports the increase of Carers Allowance to a living wage for unpaid care provided, including by young carers, and supports the removal of means testing and the removal of parts of the cared for persons welfare payments”

· Add to the PfSS: ‘ED302’ into the education policy document, stating “The green party acknowledges that carers who are members of one or more marginalised groups are more likely to suffer social, economic and health affects due to their caring.”

· Add to the PfSS: ‘ED303’ into the education policy document, stating “The Green Party recognises that Young Carers are poorly supported in education, and therefore would mandate in law that all schools must have a ‘Designated Young Carers Lead’ to provide support.”

Add to the PfSS: ‘HE1104’ into the Health policy document, stating “The Green Party recognises the challenges carers of all ages face in regards to mental health and would therefore demand more frequent wellbeing appointments with Carers to check on their mental and physical health and would provide support for public sector organisations such as schools to signpost better mental heath support for carers”

Add to the PfSS: ‘HE1711’ into the Heath policy document, stating “The Green Party recognises there is a lack of training around consulting and informing carers on patient care at all levels of the NHS and social care, and would therefore make funds available for mandated carers training in all patient-facing roles in the NHS and Social Care, including around Hospital Discharge and End-of-life care.

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