Autumn Conference 2023

Motion #23

Elected Councillors Annual Impact Report

Motion not debated


As the party increases its success and enters administration on – at the time of writing - 35 different principal authorities in service of aim i) in the constitution, the impact of our elected councillors should be reported on and widely communicated, allowing the AGM, and the party, to celebrate, question and challenge their work.


In the Standing Orders for the Conduct of the AGM, in section B1.2 add in new section:

o. A report on the impact of elected Greens, compiled by the AGC. This will highlight the key contributions our councillors have made in pursuing the aims of the party, particularly aim i) in the constitution.

Insert into Record of Organisational Statements:

GPEx will support the AGC in producing and publicising an annual Impact Report which will be communicated to the wider party to ensure that the successes of elected Greens are celebrated and allow the wider party to question and challenge their work.

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