Autumn Conference 2023

Motion #06

Solidarity with Protesters in Iran

Motion passed


The Green Party stands in solidarity with protesters in Iran facing brutal suppression, calls for safe routes to the UK for Iranian refugees affected by the state violence, and calls for asylum for political prisoners from Iran.


Conference notes that:

  • On the 16th September 2022, 22 year old Kurdish Iranian Mahsa Amini died in police custody in Tehran, having been detained for allegedly wearing her hijab too loosely. It is alleged that she died after being severely beaten by members of the Iranian Religious Police tasked with enforcement of public adherence with Iranian religious laws.
  • Protests have taken place across Iran since Mahsa’s death, initially against compulsory veiling laws but since having grown into a wider movement against Iran’s theocratic regime. Protesters march under the slogan “Woman, Life, Freedom”.
  • The Iranian authorities’ response to the protests has been one of shocking violence. Human rights groups report a death toll of over 500 people – including over 60 children – with over 18,000 reported to have been arrested. Protesters held in custody have reported being tortured and sexually assaulted, and some families of those killed have been forced to lie about their relatives’ deaths on TV. At least four people have been executed on charges related to the protests and at least 100 are at risk of execution, according to human rights groups.
  • Some journalists reporting on the protests and some lawyers representing protesters have been arrested by Iranian authorities.


  • Believes that women should have the right to choose how to express their religious beliefs. Wearing the hijab should be a personal choice and compulsory veiling laws are abusive and patriarchal. Extreme violence should never be used to enforce laws.
  • Welcomes the United Nations Human Rights Council’s decision to investigate human rights violations in the violent suppression of the protests in Iran and urges its commencement.
  • Believes that the UK Government should immediately announce expedited safe routes to the UK for Iranian refugees affected by the state violence and provide appropriate accommodation and support upon their arrival.
  • Calls on the UK Government to immediately offer asylum to political prisoners and dissidents in Iran.

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