Autumn Conference 2023

Motion #03

Disability Policy - DVP

Motion not debated


An Enabling Motion passed at conference instructed the Disability Policy Working Group to rewrite the Disability Policy, and make it consistent with the Philosophical Basis of the Green Party and other Green Party policies.


This is an F motion and the purpose of this motion is to secure a place holder in order to enable a formal discussion of the Draft Disability Policy at Autumn Conference 2023 in a workshop session. The draft policy is not yet ready for publication, but will be made available before the Autumn Conference. Significant progress at the research stage has been made. • The Disability Policy Working Group has an active Green Spaces Page, where all Green Party members can contribute. • Regular formal DPWG (Disability Policy Working Group) meetings are held, and we have a wide range of contributors, with a diverse and lived experience of disability • All Green Party policies have been analysed to discover the language used by the Green Party to describe disabled people and current provision for disabled people. • Outreach and regular communication has been established with the Equality and Diversity coordinator • The DPWG at all stages is inclusive and welcoming to all members who wish to bring their experiences to policy writing and development • We have consulted and been given feedback by a disabled Green Party Councillor. • We arranged a consultative session at Policy Fest on June the 27th, in order to discuss the Medical Model, The Social Model and the Holistic Model • We arranged a consultative session at Policy Fest on June the 28th, in order to establish outreach links with Conveners of other policy working groups. • We have established links with Transport, Wildlife And Habitats, Land Use and Tax and Fiscal and our next steps are to write impact assessments regarding how these policies affect disabled people. • We will continue to hold zoom meetings on a regular basis during the of 2023 and we welcome new members to our group • All Green Party members who wish to contribute to the development of this policy may contact the Convener of the DPWG at

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