Autumn Conference 2023

Motion #15

Add Constitution Section on Spokespeople

Motion not debated


This motion would add a section on Spokespeople to the constitution. This motion would outline that spokespeople are selected by the current process of a sub-committee of GPEx. This motion will also outline Spokespeople’s expectations, accountability, etc.


The selection process of Spokespeople is unclear to those not in GPEx. As our Spokespeople are effectively seen as our Party’s ‘frontbench’, Party (Co-)Leader(s) and Deputy Leader(s) are often held responsible for Party Spokespeople by the general public, as is the Party as a whole, there should therefore be a clear selection process and recall process of our Party’s Spokespeoples.


Add a new section to the constitution titled Spokespeople.

The content of this section will state:

  1. The Green Party of England and Wales shall have various Spokespeople to represent the Party’s policies on traditional and social media. Spokesperson roles must include the Wales Spokesperson and the Youth and Student Spokespeople.
  2. Spokespeople will be the public faces of the Party, responsible for presenting Green Party policy and promoting its campaigns, relevant to their role, to the public on a daily basis.
  3. The Youth & Student Spokespeople shall be the elected Co-Chairs of the Young Greens of England and Wales, as per the constitution and standing orders of the Young Greens of England and Wales, which takes precedence over the points listed below.
  4. The Wales Spokesperson shall be the elected Wales Green Party Leader, as per the constitution and standing orders of the Wales Green Party, which takes precedence over the points listed below.
  5. Applicants for Spokespeople shall have been members of the Party for three complete years, preceding the closing date of applications, and shall be required to complete a standard application form. Applications of candidates must be supported by the signatures of a minimum of twenty members of the Party.
  6. Spokespeople shall be selected every two years, following Leader and Deputy Leader elections. The selection shall be by a sub-committee of the Green Party Executive which must be approved by a quorate majority of the Green Party Executive and must include a Party (Co-)Leader and a Party Deputy Leader selected by a majority of the Party (Co-)Leader(s) and Deputy Leader(s). Application forms must be submitted within one month of the Leader and Deputy Leader election results announcements. Spokespeople must be selected and announced within one month of the application closing date.
  7. Spokespeople will be accountable to the Green Party Executive and will be expected to outline their future plans and work to the Green Party Executive.
  8. Spokespeople, in exercising their duties, will at all times abide by Party Policy, the Policies for a Sustainable Society, Philosophical Basis and the Spokesperson Code of Conduct.
  9. Spokespeople will submit an Annual Report which will be made available on the members’ website, with a deadline of four weeks before Autumn Conference.
  10. In the event of ten per cent of the membership or twenty percent of constituted Local Parties petitioning the Regional Council, a two-thirds majority of Spokespeople, or a quorate majority of the Green Party Executive to recall a Spokesperson, a new selection process for that post only shall be held in which the current post-holder shall not be eligible to apply. The current post-holder will retain their post until the result of that selection.
  11. In the event of the resignation or suspension of a Spokesperson, there will be a new selection by the Green Party Executive sub-committee for that post only. They shall serve a term lasting as if they were starting following the selection of the previous post-holder.

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