Spring Conference 2023

Motion #31

Opposing new extraction of fossil fuels and false solutions

Motion not yet debated


Greens must work with trade unions and other campaigners to oppose UK government policies undermining efforts to reduce climate change.


This conference recognises that:

Greens have adopted many policies related to Climate Change since 2010, recognising the urgency of action to reduce climate change.

However, the government is still:

  • supporting the extraction of fossil fuels, most recently in plans to open new coal mines in Whitehaven
  • subsidising the burning of wood pellets at Drax power station
  • relying on Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) schemes, which facilitate more fossil fuels;
  • planning to use ‘blue’ hydrogen (from natural gas) to replace fossil fuels in transport and steel manufacture
  • failing to limit use of polluting pesticides and fertilisers derived from fossil fuels
  • using a net zero target that encourages fossil fuel extraction, supposedly mitigated by carbon trading

All these policies tend to delay the transition to genuine renewables.

This conference believes that no new fossil fuels should be extracted if we are to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees C.

Therefore, this conference demands that the government:

  • End support for any new exploration or development of fossil fuel reserves and any investment in the same
  • Accelerate the work to develop sustainable alternatives and Just Transition for workers in declining fossil fuel industries
  • Abandon its support for ‘false solutions’ such as CCS , blue hydrogen or biomass burning – Commission research working with Climate Justice organisations and with trade unions, rather than with industry lobbyists.

We also urge those trade unions with members working in carbon-intensive industries to redouble their efforts to secure diversification that enables a Just Transition, redeploying workers to well-paid and socially-useful products and services, including insulation of buildings and development of community energy schemes. We undertake to cooperate with trade unions in those efforts.

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