Spring Conference 2023

Motion #11

Ending New HIV Transmissions by 2030 Part 1

Motion not yet debated


HIV affects every person regardless of age, gender, and ethnicity, and disproportionately impacts gay and bisexual men, trans people, those of Black African heritage, migrants, and people of colour. It is possible to end new cases of HIV by 2030. The Green Party must adopt the targets recommended by the

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Conference instructs the Party to commit to and support the following actions:

Conference recognises that health is a fundamental human right. The vast majority of people diagnosed with HIV are promptly prescribed antiretroviral therapies and live long and healthy lives. Those on effective treatment cannot pass on the virus (Undetectable = Untransmissable). Since Terry Higgins was one of the first deaths from an AIDS related disease 40 years ago, the Terrence Higgins Trust has fought for better healthcare, HIV prevention, services, and for the rights of people living with HIV.

Conference notes and supports the recommendations made by the HIV Commission, founded by the Terrence Higgins Trust, the National AIDS Trust, and the Elton John AIDS Foundation, which provide recommendations on how to end new cases of HIV by 2030.

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Conference instructs the Green Party Executive to publicly and fully campaign for an end to new HIV transmissions by 2030.

Conference instructs the Green Party Executive to set up a working group and work in conjunction with the General Election steering group on how a Green Government would finance an end to HIV transmission with a Green Government.

Conference also instructs the Green Party Campaigns Coordinator and Campaigns Committee and the Association of Green Councillors to work with the LGBTIQA+ Greens on a fully pledged campaign, working with Councillors to bring motions forward at local authorities.

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