Spring Conference 2023

Motion #29

Enabling motion for the formation of Green Survivors

Motion not yet debated


This motion calls on Green Party Regional Council to recognise and constitute Green Survivors as a special interest group and liberation group within GPEW.


Following the #metoo movement, plus the Chris Pincher scandal and numerous other high-profile cases of sexual harassment and abuse in UK politics, we believe there needs to be a movement that campaigns for the rights and needs of survivors of trauma and abuse. This includes the tsunami of climate emergency related trauma that is already hitting humanity.

Green Survivors will campaign for better, survivor-centred, trauma-informed policy and processes within the Green Party of England and Wales. We will also campaign for support for survivors to get elected. Our aim is to show how the Green Party are best placed to advocate and support victims of abuse and trauma. At the time of writing, no other party in the UK has a liberation group or policy development group with the concerns of survivors at its heart. Following a number of scandals to do with accusations and convictions of abuse, particularly by Green Party councillors, activists and even a former deputy leader, constituting this group would show our willingness to reform and put survivors at the heart of the policy development and party processes.


Conference calls on Green Party Regional Council to formally recognise Green Survivors as a policy development working group, liberation group and special interest group of the Green Party of England and Wales.

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