Spring Conference 2023

Motion #22

Enabling Conferences Committee in running Conference

Motion not yet debated


Standing Orders Committee currently handles various administrative duties to enable the smooth running of conference, alongside other duties which must be performed simultaneously. Some of these duties could be better exercised under the Conferences Committee. This motion woIuld remove and reallocate some responsibility from Standing Orders Committee to Conferences Committee.


Amend Standing Orders for the Conduct of Conference

Change references to “Standing Orders Committee” and “SOC” into “Conferences Committee” in the following parts of the Standing Orders for the Conduct of Conference: H2.1 H2.6

Such that they read:

“H2.1 Conferences Committee shall set the timetable for Conference. In this timetable, the sections of the Final Agenda listed in B3 should all receive a suitable allotment of time for discussion by Conference. A session may be shared by one or more subsections, to be taken in a specified order.”

“H2.6 Conferences Committee will seek to ensure that a workshop is timetabled for each motion it has placed on the published Final Agenda, prior to the motion being debated by Conference. The workshop chair shall call for a non-binding straw poll, and the Chair of the plenary session may call for a report on the workshop and the poll to be reported to Conference.”

In Standing Orders for the Conduct of Conference, Create a new subsection in the “Conference Procedure” section, as follows:

“H14. Chair and facilitator assignment

Conferences Committee will be responsible for recruiting, training, and allocating plenary chairs and workshop chairs for the running of conference.”

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