Spring Conference 2023

Motion #01

Access to Fertility Treatment

Motion passed


The Women’s Health Strategy for England (July 2022) introduces plans that rids additional barriers for same-sex couples to receive fertility treatment through the NHS. Additional barriers for single people, older people and people who are sex-averse/repulsed remain. This motion seeks to address these issues and ensure consistency for cryopreservation funding.


Insert new HE800 to HE803 and renumber PSS accordingly:

Heading: Fertility

HE800 The Green Party acknowledges that all types of families can wish to have biological children and that fertility treatment should not be subject to financial burden for those wishing to access it.

HE801 The Green Party believes people have an individual right to make choices for their own fertility and when traditional methods have failed or are not desired, access to treatment is an essential part of healthcare.

HE802 Treatments such as IVF, should be funded and accessible through the NHS to all, without barriers or restriction apart from those which are medically necessary, in conjunction with the NICE guidelines. This is regardless of other factors such as if a surrogate will be carrying the child or if donated sperm, oocyte or embryos are used.

HE803 When loss of fertility is likely to occur whether through age, gender-affirming treatment or any other reason, cryopreservation of sperm, oocyte and embryos should be offered free of charge through the NHS. These should be held as long as the patient wishes, until normal fertility resumes, up to six months after their death or until the collected material is no longer deemed viable.

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