Spring Conference 2023

Motion #02

Migration Policy Voting Paper

Motion passed


To delete from the Migration chapter in PSS everything from MG 100 to MG 454, and substitute the motion text below.

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Principles MG100 The Green Party wants to see a world without borders, until this happens the Green Party will implement a fair and humane system of managed immigration where people can move if they wish to do so.

MG101 The Green Party believes that migration is not a criminal offence under any circumstances.

MG102 The Green Party will treat all migrants fairly and humanely and without discrimination.

MG103 The Green Party is opposed to forced migration and forced repatriation unless standard exclusions apply.

Objectives MG200 The Green Party seeks to establish a system that recognises that all migrants are treated as citizens in waiting and therefore supports and encourages them to put down roots in their new home.

MG201 The Green Party accepts we all have a collective responsibility for the climate emergency and that the UK has a duty to support people forced to move due to the changes in their home environment, whether internally or from abroad.

Administrative MG300 The functions of the Home Office will be divided between a Department of the Interior and a Department of Migration, which, among other duties, will handle all visa applications.

Applications MG301 All visas can be applied for on entry, while in the UK, or before entry.

MG302 All fees charged for visas will be at cost and not for profit.

MG303 The visa application process will be as straightforward and accessible as possible, and so minimise the need for legal advice in most circumstances.

MG304 Physical visas will be offered in addition to digital documents.

MG305 Minimum income requirements will be removed from all applications as well as any benefits from having a higher income.

MG306 Language requirements will be removed from all applications. Free language classes will be made available to promote and encourage integration.

MG307 A Green Party led Government will ensure that sufficient staff and resources are available to effect these policies.

MG308 The Department of Migration will be responsible for ensuring free and independent guidance and support is available when a person’s visa is due to expire to help them make the next steps. This support will be available in an applicant’s first language if requested.

MG309 Unless standard exclusions apply, no person will be held in detention because of their immigration status.

Standard Exclusions MG310 Visa applications from specific individuals may be rejected on grounds of public safety. These grounds are restricted to serious crime and threats to national security.

Visitors MG400 All arrivals to the UK without a visa will be granted a visitor visa for a period of three months regardless of where they have come from unless standard exclusions apply. They will then have this period of time to apply for a different visa if they so wish.

MG401 Visitors will not have access to welfare benefits or Universal Basic Income.

MG402 Visitors will have access to the NHS for urgent and medically necessary procedures only.

Visa Residents MG500 For the purposes of this policy, visa residents are defined as migrants who have a non-visitor visa, do not have settled status and are not British citizens.

MG501 All visa residents will have the right to vote in all elections and referendums.

MG502 Access to the NHS will be free and comprehensive for all visa residents.

MG503 Any No Recourse to Public Funds conditions will be abolished and visa residents will have access to welfare benefits or Universal Basic Income.

MG504 All Visa Residents will be able to apply for settled status after five years.

Students MG505 Students with an offer of a place from a recognised education institution will automatically receive a visa to study unless standard exclusions apply

MG506 Residents on student visas will be permitted to stay for three years after their studies are completed to look for work.

Workers MG507 Workers with a confirmed contract of employment satisfying UK employment laws will automatically receive a visa to work unless standard exclusions apply.

MG508 Residents on work visas can switch employers or if made redundant have six months to look for work automatically as part of their visa conditions.

Family MG509 Visa residents will have the right to bring members of their family to the UK who would normally live with them in their country of origin, or would do so if it were permitted by law or custom.

Residents with Settled Status MG600 Residents with settled status are no longer subject to immigration rules.

MG601 Residents with settled status have the same access to benefits, student finance, and the NHS as British Citizens.

MG602 Children of residents with settled status will have access to student finance for their higher education and will not be liable for international fees.

MG603 Any resident with settled status can apply for citizenship if they wish to do so.

Citizenship MG701 All children born in the UK are automatically British Citizens.

MG702 A Green Party led Government will commit to tackling statelessness and will ensure that once citizenship is granted it cannot be removed.

MG703 Multiple citizenships are permitted.

Undocumented Migrants MG800 Undocumented migrants will be given free advice and support to help them to regularise their status without penalty for being undocumented.

MG801 Undocumented migrants who have been in the UK for at least five years will be invited to apply for settled status unless the standard exclusions apply.

Other MG900 We will encourage periods of temporary residence in the UK and abroad, particularly by young people, to promote intercultural awareness.

MG901 The Green Party will recognise the contribution of migrants and their descendants to the UK by making the 1st Monday on or after 22nd June, Windrush Day, a public holiday.

MG902 The Green Party supports the teaching of the history of empire and colonialism, including from the viewpoint of those who were colonised.

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