Spring Conference 2023

Motion #01

DEFRA and Crustacean Mortality

Motion passed


Recent publications: DEFRA’s I.E.A. Crustacean Mortality North-east of England 2021/2022 and Therese Coffey’s letter of 07.02.23 give no reassurance that the government will respond to ecocide like that of the N.E. coast. We must seek improvements in testing regime to stop this recurring as more Freeports are constructed.


Conference instructs GPRC and Green Party Parliamentarians to urgently campaign for the adoption by the government of a policy requiring an improved toxins sampling regime in Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) which, in addition to the current fixed range of substances tested for, is also specifically referenced to the historic usage of the site for which the licence application is being sought. And that in the case of marine licences the Marine Management Organisation must ensure that this improved historically-based toxins sampling regime is wholly thorough, independent of the people standing to make a profit, and adequate in order to avoid pollution leading to death of sea life and loss of livelihood for fishing communities during the construction of other Freeports and similar projects and protect the marine and coastal environment and human inhabitants and visitors there.’

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