Spring Conference 2023

Motion #02

Health & Wellbeing Policy

Motion not yet debated


This motion presents a draft voting paper for a revised PSS Health and Wellbeing Policy as described in the Enabling Motion passed at the Spring 21 Conference.


Spring Conference instructs Policy Committee to continue the policy development process for a redrafted PSS section on Health and Wellbeing, taking into account the feedback on the draft policy obtained from workshops and debate at the Spring Conference and to present the final version at the Spring 2023 Conference.

The outline of the revised policy is as follows: -

HE 100 sets out values and principles.

HE 101 defines health and health equity.

HE102 sets out the policy aim, i.e. to positively reduce the health gap (the difference in healthy life expectancy between the least and most disadvantaged in society) and notes that the health gap is a measure of how all government policies are working together. The revised Health and Wellbeing Policy therefore references other policies as appropriate.

HE 103 explains the main evidence used in drawing up the policy, i.e. ‘The Marmot Review, Fair Society, Healthy Lives (2010) and the 2020 update, ‘Health Equity, The Marmot Review 10 Years On’.

HE104 covers 6 objectives (A - F) and three wider organisational factors (1-3) i.e.

A. Give every child the best start in life.

B. Enable all children, young people and adults to maximise their capabilities and have control over their lives.

C. Create fair employment and good work for all.

D. Ensure a healthy standard of living for all.

E. Create and develop healthy and sustainable places and communities.

F. Strengthen the role and impact of health prevention

The role of health services and public health professionals.

Governance and delivery of healthcare systems.

Global and macro level factors.

This structure encompasses all of the requirements listed in the enabling motion.

HE104 onwards sets out priorities for each objective and wider organisational factor and the policies to achieve them, either as a reference to existing other PSS policy or as detail for this policy. (Note, draft document to be completed for the final agenda deadline)

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